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Rigid Body Mechanics (Mekhanika Tverdogo Tela)
Rigid Body Mechanics (Mekhanika Tverdogo Tela)

Mechanics of Rigid Bodies is a peer-reviewed academic journal, which publishes research articles devoted to the problems of classical mechanics and its applications, including the topics relating to the fields of multibody systems dynamics, gyroscope theory, analytical and computational kinematics, celestial mechanics, Hamiltonian systems, perturbation theory, stability theory and control theory, dynamics of deformable solid body.

ISSN: 0321-1975
Launched 1969
From 1969 until 1994 the journal was published by the Publishing House "Naukova Dumka", Kiev
Since 1995, the journal Rigid Body Mechanics has been published by IAMM NASU

MathSciNet: Mekh_Tverd_Tela

Editorial Office Address:

Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics NAS of Ukraine
Rigid Body Mechanics
Roza Luxemburg Street, 74
Donetsk 83114,Ukraine

Phone: +38(062)3110165


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  • Alexander M. Kovalev, Editor-in-Chief
  • Galina V. Mozalevskaya, Executive Secretary
  • Gennady V. Gorr
  • Alexander O. Ignatyev
  • Alexander A. Ilyukhin
  • Mikhail P. Kharlamov
  • Boris I. Konosevich
  • Valery I. Korobov
  • Dmitry D. Leshchenko
  • Gennady A. Leonov
  • Andrzei Maciejewski
  • Anatolii P. Markeev
  • Yuri V. Mikhlin
  • Viktor V. Novitskii
  • Alexander L. Zuyev

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