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Нелинейные граничные задачи
Volume 9 (1999)
  1. Yu.A.Alkhutov
    The Wiener test for quasilinear elliptic equations with non – standardgrowth conditions 3-7
  2. Yu.A.Alkhutov, V.V.Zhikov
    Weyl's spectral asymptotic formula for Dirichlet Kohn-Laplacian 8-12
  3. M.Biroli
    An elliptic problem with a layer 13-22
  4. L.Boccardo, H.Brezis
    Some remarks on a class of elliptic equations with degenerate coercivity 23-28
  5. M.V.Borsuk, M. Dobrowolski
    On the behavior of solutions of the Dirichlet problem for a class of degenerate elliptic equations in the neighborhood of conical boundary points 29-34
  6. V.V.Gorodetsky, I.I.Drin
    About bounded properties of smooth solutions of some differential-operator equations 35-39
  7. R.M.Dzhafarov
    A sharp angle inequalities for pairs of elliptic operators in the case of domain with a conical point 40-45
  8. A.A.Kovalevsky
    Entropy solutions of Dirichlet problem for a class of nonlinear elliptic fourth order equations with L1-data 46-54
  9. H.P.Lopushanska
    Generalized solutions of elliptic boundary value problems with strong power singularities 55-59
  10. Ya.Roitberg, I.Roitberg
    Green's formula and theorems on complete collection of isomorphisms for general elliptic boundary value problems for Douglis-Nirenberg systems 60-66
  11. P.E. Sobolevskii
    The Hardy's inequality and positive invertability of elliptic operators. 67-74
  12. E.Khruslov, L.Pankratov
    Homogenization of attractors of non-linear evolutionary equations 75-83
  13. P.I.Kogut
    On the structural representation of S-homogenized optimal control problems 84-91
  14. N.R.Sidenko
    Averaging of the periodic by time boundary value problem for the nonlinear wave equation in a perforated domain 92-97
  15. A.Yu.Teplinsky
    Asymptotic expansions for eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of elliptic boundary-value problems with rapidly oscillating coefficients 98-102
  16. V.P.Burskii
    On generalized solutions of boundary value problems for some general differential equations 103-109
  17. V.P.Burskii
    On generalized solutions of boundary value problems for some general differential equations 103-109
  18. M.L.Gorbachuk, V.I.Gorbachuk
    Direct and inverse theorems on approximation of solution of operator equation 110-116
  19. Ya.M.Dymarsky
    The application of the intersect index to quasilinear eigenfunction problems 117-119
  20. V.S.Mel'nik
    On topological degree to some class of multivalued mappings and its applications 120-125
  21. O.V.Solonoukha
    On solvability of the variational inequality with + - coercive multivalued mappings 126-129
  22. S.G.Suvorov
    Palais-Smale condition for chiral fields 130-134
  23. A.V.Belyaev
    The characteristic system for the Euler - Poisson's equations 135-147
  24. A.A.Berezovsky, G.N.Komarov, O.G.Nartova
    Nonlinear problems of heat radiating body with thermal thin cover 148-155
  25. N.A.Britov
    On the problem of B0 - reduction for Navier-Stokes-Maxwell equations 156-161
  26. V.Y.Kapustyan
    Optimal control in parabolic singular perturbated problem with obstacle 162-167
  27. I.I.Klevchuk
    Bifurcation of an equilibrium point in a system of nonlinear parabolic equations with transformed argument 168-173
  28. E.Yu.Romanenko, A.N.Sharkovsky, M.B.Vereikina
    Self-stochasticity in deterministic boundary value problems 174-184
  29. N.E.Tovmasyan
    Boundary value problem for certain classes of non-linear ordinary differential equations with free boundary 185-189
  30. T.I.Zelenyak
    On some problems arising from the application. 190-195
  31. J.Webb
    An extension of Gronwall's inequality. 196-204