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12th International Conference “Stability, Control and Rigid Bodies Dynamics” Donetsk (Ukraine), June 4-8, 2014
12th  International Conference  “Stability, Control and Rigid Bodies Dynamics” Donetsk (Ukraine), June 4-8, 2014
04.06.2014 – 08.06.2014
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Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IAMM NASU) together with Donetsk National University (DonNU) organizes the 12th International Conference «Stability, Control and Rigid Bodies Dynamics» in Donetsk in June, 2014. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee is Alexander M. Kovalev (IAMM NASU,

Conference Topics

The main scientific topics of the Conference are:

1.  Stability Theory
2.  Control in Dynamical Systems
3.  Dynamics of Rigid Body and Celestial Mechanics
4.  Applied Problems of Rigid Body Dynamics 

Scientific Program

The Scientific Program of the Conference includes:

•   45-minute  plenary lectures
•   30-minute section lectures
•   brief presentations either in the form of 15-minute section communications  or during the poster session 

Conference Languages 

Official languages of the Conference are English, Ukrainian and Russian.


Participants of the Conference  will be given  its  Program and  the  Book of  Abstracts. The rules for preparing of Abstracts will be placed in the Second Announcement.

After finishing of the Conference, the authors of the accepted papers may present their works for publishing in the collections of scientific papers "Mechanics of Rigid Bodies", and "Proceedings of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics " (IAMM NASU), "Donetsk University Bulletin" (DonNU).

Place and period of the Conference 

The Conference will take place in the boarding-house "Nauka" of Donetsk National University on Azov sea coast. 

The Conference is planning to be held in the period from  June 4 to 8, 2014. Definitive dates will be communicated in the Second Announcement.


If you are interested to take part in  the Conference, please, fill out the application form included in this announcement and send it to ICSCD'12 secretary by e-mail


  • Family name:
  • First name, second name:
  • Title (Prof., Dr., etc.)
  • Affiliation:
  • Position:
  • Mailing address:
  • Phone:
  • E-mail:
  • Type of contribution  (plenary lecture, section lecture, 15-minute  verbal contribution, poster):
  • Preliminary title of contribution:
  • Number of the Section (0 for plenary lectures)

The history of conferences (pdf) 


Ordinary mail:    B.I. Konosevich
                              Institute of Applied Mathematics & Mechanics of NASU
                              Street R. Luxemburg  74
                              Donetsk, Ukraine


A.M. Kovalev, A.D. Bruno, F.L. Chernous'ko, A.M.Formal'sky, A.L. Fradkov,
G.V. Gorr, M.P. Kharlamov, K.R. Kozlowski, G.A. Leonov, D.D. Leshchenko,
A.P. Markeev, Yu.V. Mikhlin, V.A. Samsonov, O. Sawodny, H.M. Yehia   


A.M. Kovalev (chairman), I.N. Gashenenko, A.L. Zuyev, B.I. Konosevich, T.N. Astakhova,
G.V. Gorr, Yu.N. Kononov, M.E. Lesina, A.V. Maznev, G.V. Mozalevskaya, V.N. Nespirnyy,
V.E. Puzyrev, V.I. Storozhev, S.N. Sudakov, V.F. Shcherbak, O.S. Volkova 


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