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Nonlinear boundary-value problems
Nonlinear boundary-value problems
ISSN: 0236-0497
The journal is founded in 1989.

The publications in the journal are devoted to investigations in the theory of nonlinear partial differential equations: qualitative theory of nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations, functional and asymptotic methods in the theory of nonlinear partial differential equations, free boundary problems etc.

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Bazaliy B.V. (editor-in-chief),
Borodin M.A.,
Burskii V.P.,
Ivasishen S.D.,
Kovalevskii A.A.,
Kochubei A.N.,
Krasnoschok M.V.,
Marchenko V.A.,
Pokhozhaev S.I.,
Samoilenko A.M.,
Solonnikov V.A.,
Tedeev A.F.,
Khruslov E.Ya.,
Shishkov A.E.
Manuscripts submitted to Nonlinear boundary-value problems may be written in English, Russian or Ukrainian Language.  No paper that has been previously published, or is being considered for publication elsewhere, should be submitted to the journal.

The papers should be prepared using LATEX or LATEX2e. The pictures should be provided in separate files in ЕPS- format.

The following information is required with the submission: Full name of each author, contact information, including email addresses and mailing addresses, a short abstract in the language of the paper and in English,the 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification,  list of key words and phrases describing the subject  matter of the article.

Address: Institute of Applied Mathenmatics and Mechanics; R.Luxemburg Str., 74;  83114, Donetsk, Ukraine.

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