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15th International Scientific Conference "Modeling, Identification and Synthesis of Control Systems 2012"
15th International Scientific Conference "Modeling, Identification and Synthesis of Control Systems 2012"
09.09.2012 – 16.09.2012
Information is taken up – 25.07.2012
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! 07/25/2012: Extended deadline for abstract submissions !

For more detailed information about the conference:
National Academy of Science of Ukraine; 
Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine; 
Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation; 
Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (IAMM NASU, Donetsk, Ukraine);
Technical Center (TC NASU, Kyiv, Ukraine);
Donetsk National Technical University (Donetsk National Technical University, Donetsk, Ukraine); 
National University of Science and Technology “MISIS” (MISIS, Moscow, Russia);
National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" (NAU "KhAI", Kharkiv, Ukraine); 
Cherkasy State Technological University (Cherkasy, Ukraine). 


MISCS-2011 seeks to provide an opportunity to join and coordinate international scientific efforts in the field of mathematical modeling and control systems development with various applications. The conference aims to review current findings in relevant domains and determine areas of practical implementation of control systems.

  • Deterministic and probabilistic models of processes and production
  • Mathematical models of distributed control objects
  • Mathematical models identification
  • Discrete and continuous dynamical systems
  • Mathematical models of social processes, macro- and microeconomics
  • Algorithms and programs for adaptive control systems
  • Intelligent technologies in control systems
  • Management of corporate systems
  • Organization of expert systems and knowledge bases
  • Pattern recognition
  • Rigid bodies systems dynamics
  • Control and stabilization of dynamic systems


Scientific Programme 
The presentations will cover the following topics: deterministic and probabilistic models of processes and production; mathematical models of distributed control objects; mathematical models identification; finite dynamical systems; mathematical models of social processes, macro- and microeconomics; rigid bodies systems dynamics; control and stabilization of dynamic systems; algorithms and programs for adaptive control systems; intelligent technologies in control systems; management of corporate systems; organization of expert systems and knowledge bases; pattern recognition.  
The talks will be given in the format of 30-minute plenary lectures, 15-minute spoken session presentations and poster presentations.

Dates and Venue 
The conference will be held from 9 to 16 September 2012 in the "Kanaka" boarding house (village Kanaka, Alushta district, Crimea, Ukraine). Arrival day - 9 September 2012, departure day - 16 September 2012 Route: Alushta - pos. Rybachy - pos. Kanaka. A shuttle bus transfer from Simferopol railway station and airport will be available to participants on the day of arrival. 

Conference Languages 
Ukrainian, Russian and English. 

Conference fee 
The conference fee for full-time participation is 40 USD (or equivalent amount in UAH) and 20 USD for participation in absentia. 
The fee must be paid no later than 20 July 2012 by postal money order addressed to Novakovska Elvira Georgiyivna, Donetsk 83114, Shchorsa str, d.57, kv.73. 
If the conference fee is not paid by July 20, 2012 the abstracts will not be included in the proceedings of the conference. 
Conference fee covers: participation in the conference, a printed copy of conference materials, organization expenses (communication services, conference rooms rental, shuttle bus transfers, etc.), mailing costs for sending the proceedings to absentee participants. 
Accommodation and meals are not covered by the conference fee and are to be paid for separately on arrival. 

Accommodation and Meals 
Accommodation in a twin room is US $40 per person per day including meals. Payment is due upon arrival at the conference. 

Abstracts should be prepared in MS WORD, in accordance with the attached sample and presented in electronic form. The abstract must be one or two full pages. Additionally, authors of the abstracts in Russian and Ukrainian should submit English title of their report together with their names and initials. Abstracts will be published before the conference. 

Selected reports chosen by the Program Committee will be published as articles in the following periodicals: 
1) "Mechanics of Rigid Body", “Transactions of IAMM NASU” 
2) “Radio-electronic and computer systems", "Information processing systems" and "The Bulletin of Cherkasy State Technological University”. 
The periodicals are included in the list of leading scientific journals and periodicals approved by the HAC of Ukraine. 

Applications and abstracts should be submitted to the Organizing Committee using the site: no later than 06/30/2012.


Chairman: O.A. Krivodubsky (Ukraine) 
Vice-Chairman: EG Novakovskaya (Ukraine) 
Scientific Secretary: AO Novakovskaya (Ukraine) 
Technical Secretary: RT Gazimov (Russia) 
Members of the organizing committee: AA Derkach (Ukraine), SG Kovalev (Ukraine), BI Konosevich (Ukraine), AN Kurganskyy (Ukraine), VN Nespirny (Ukraine), SV Sapunov (Ukraine), AA Sheptura (Ukraine)


Contacts of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics NAS of Ukraine: 
Address: Roza Luksemburg st., 74, Donetsk, Ukraine, 83114 
Phone: (062) 311-03-91 
Fax: (062) 311-02-85

PC Chair: 

PC members: 

J. Avreytsevich (Poland), E.A. Bashkov (Ukraine), P.I. Bidyuk (Ukraine), G.G. Vlaykov (Ukraine), A.Y. Grigorenko (Ukraine), F.M. Kirillova (Belarus), V. Kuntsevich (Ukraine), D.V. Livanov (Russia), A.A. Pavlov (Ukraine), N.D. Pankratova (Ukraine), V.N. Rudnitsky (Ukraine), Z.G. Salikhov (Russia), L.S. Strizhko (Russia), V.N. Tomashevski (Ukraine), O.E. Fedorovich (Ukraine), I.V. Shostak (Ukraine).

Paper preparation and formatting

Final submissions of no more than two full pages in length are to be sent through e-mail in the format of MS Word document file.

Page format – А5, portrait
Margins: top and bottom 1,8 cm, left and right – 1,9 cm Font – Times New Roman 10pt 
Paragraph indentation – 0,8 cm, interline spacing – 1 line.

Tables and illustrations are to be inserted as objects together with their captions.

The abstract layout should be as follows:

authors’ names in upper right corner in bold italic, after-paragraph spacing – 9 pt; title centered, in bold capital letters, after-paragraph spacing – 9 pt; authors’ organization name, city and e-mail in italic, after-paragraph spacing – 9 pt; main text.

Bibliographic references should be made as Arabic numerals in square brackets. References are given after the main text body with 6pt spacing before the list without separate header.


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